Landscaper Serving Spokane, WA – Landscape Design


sm-image (3)Landscaping means many different things to people. OMC Lawn Care offers our Spokane residents and businesses complete landscaping. Our landscapers are all certified and know exactly where things would look best and what grows in our climates. Landscaping is a tricky business, where you should call a professional. If your fertilizer or soil is wrong then your plants and hedges will die. It is always important to call a professional when dealing with a landscaping project.

Our landscapers offer fair rates and works with our clients on a one on one basis. When we are working with you, you are our number one priority. It is important to completely focus on one project at a time to ensure that client gets the best out of OMC Lawn Care. We service the entire Spokane area and will be glad to help make your next project look great! Give us a call today to go over any questions you may have and to see some of the landscaping projects we have done in the past. We know you will be satisfied!

Spokane’s climate is a little different and it is important to know how plants, hedges, and trees act in different climates. They are require different soils and fertilizers as well as different types of care. OMC Lawn Care is here to take care of it all for you. We will come out on a schedule to take care of your landscape. This can include basic lawn care as well as trimming, weeding, and fertilizing.